Lea’s unexpected separation from Emanuel: a brutal shock.


The Last Episode of “Married at First Sight”

At the beginning of the week, after several months of adventure, M6 aired the very last episode of its flagship show “Married at First Sight”. It was then the opportunity to discover that the candidates Léa and Emanuel decided to remain married! Good news for viewers who had chosen them as favorites of the season. But these were quickly disappointed since, the next day, the spouses announced that they had separated since the shooting. “We decide to put our rings on this table but to stay united no matter what path we take,” they assured. And to remain discreet: “We do not wish to spread it any further as we want our relationship to be respected”. In the comments, the Internet users had not hidden their great disappointment.

Léa’s Response to the Disappointed Viewers

In response to the many messages received, Léa decided to speak on Wednesday 7th June to explain herself further. “We wanted to tell you quite quickly to be honest with you. I know it’s very sudden, when you see how it happened on Monday, at the final. Do not forget that some months have passed since then,” reminded the beautiful brunette with the singing accent in a video. And to confess: “We are humans, and the end result was even more difficult for us”.

Léa and Emanuel’s Relationship After the Show

But if her marriage did not last, Léa is delighted to have nevertheless managed to maintain a good relationship with “Manu”, with whom she has remained close. “We get along great. We have always gotten along great, by the way. We have always been very, very kind to each other. We respect each other and we will always respect our story. We have even seen each other again as friends,” she assured her community. Thus, she has no regrets, whether it is their relationship or even their tattoo done together. “We will never regret it. Gibraltar and the first look inside the tattoo, it’s part of us and it will always be part of us.”


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