Leila Ben Khalifa (Secret Story) sharing a photo of her mother, she is even more beautiful than her !


Leila, the winner of Secret Story 8, has shared a rare photograph of her mum on Instagram. If the tribute she has made has moved to the internet, these are also ecstatic at the beauty of the mother of the model.

Dogs are not cats and this is true once again with the beautiful Leila Ben Khalifa. Discovered in the eighth season of Secret Story, the Tunisian had enchanted the viewers of TF1 with its plastic perfect and his love story with Aymeric Bonnery. She had already participated in the show Grande Fratello in Italy was this time imposed in the final, in the last season presented by Benjamin Castaldi. Model and actress, Leila Ben Khalifa became the following year a columnist at the After Secret show hosted by Christophe Beaugrand after each daily.

Still seen on TF1 in 2018 in Friday everything is allowed, the former star of reality tv show now continues his modeling career. On Instagram, Leïla regularly posts snapshots from his photo shoots, and often takes the pose in a swimsuit for the delight of his admirers. Already under the spell of the winner of Secret Story, the latter come to fall in love with another woman who resembles her a lot, and for good reason, it is his mom.

Leila Ben Khalifa is proud of his mother, it this to users

Thursday, 20 February, Leila Ben Khalifa has made a glowing tribute to his mother on Instagram, which she describes as ” the voice of reason “, his “greatest support,” but also her “best friend” and his ” world “. On the picture that accompanies the legend moving mannequin, internet users have discovered the double Leïla. If the resemblance between the mother and the daughter has reacted to much of the world, the star of “Secret Story” was keen to put the record straight at the time. To a visitor who exclaims ” You look just like ! “, Leila replied with a modest : ” It is much better “.

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You are my voice of reason, story teller, advice giver, hand holder, shoulder, biggest bear, heart healer, right hand, psychologist, nerve calm, heart and soul ,sunshine, problem solver, my best friend and my world. You are my MOM ❤️

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