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Leni Klum’s affection for brother Nathan Falco Briatore.

Leni Klum and Her Father’s Bond

Italian holidays for Leni Klum, who is spending a few days of relaxation with her father Flavio Briatore and her brother Nathan Falco. And it was a photo with the latter, published on her Instagram account, that quickly gained a lot of likes. «Notice the resemblance?», the young model daughter of Heidi Klum asked her followers, receiving contrasting answers; there are those who see it and those who don’t, but it is certain that the two are very close. «You are beautiful», Elisabetta Gregoraci, Nathan’s mother, immediately commented. The shot was taken at Twiga, Briatore’s club in Versilia, on the occasion of the Mattone del cuore, a charity initiative supported by Paolo Brosio. Leni arrived a few days ago together with her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky, also invited to the evening. Who knows how Flavio reacted at the time of the official presentations. Leni Klum and her boyfriend at Twiga IPA. What is certain is that father and daughter are very close today. «Welcome Leni», he had written on a cake on the occasion of the girl’s arrival.

Leni’s Adoption

Class 2004, Leni is the first daughter of Briatore, born from the relationship with Heidi Klum. The girl was never formally recognized by the entrepreneur and grew up with her mother and first husband, British singer Seal, who officially adopted her and gave her his surname, Samuel, to make her equal to the other children had by the model, Johan, Henry and Lou. The girl met her biological father when she was already grown up, although there were often phone calls before the meeting.

Leni and Nathan’s Bond

And it was also very natural with Nathan. To reveal it was Briatore himself. «Falco is happy to have a sister. We told him he was big, a couple of years ago, and he told me he already knew it.» The brothers followed each other on Instagram and had a chance to get to know each other, albeit virtually. In some cases, kids are better than adults.



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