Leonardo Del Vecchio to marry Jessica Serfaty.


Leonardo Del Vecchio and Anna Castellini Baldissera, goodbye after six months of marriage?

After the dream wedding with Anna Castellini Baldissera in June 2022, lasting only six months (the divorce was in December 2022), the 28-year-old Leonardo Del Vecchio would be ready to say “yes” again. This time to the American model Jessica Michelle Serfaty, 31 years old, whom he has been dating for a handful of months and who appeared at his side at the LuisaViaRoma and Vogue fashion show in Florence last June (photo above): the two arrived at the event hand in hand and at one point they even kissed for the flashes. Showing themselves happier and more in love than ever. So in love that he, as Chi reveals, has just surprised his girlfriend with a romantic marriage proposal set in the backdrop of the Amalfi Coast, where the couple is spending a few days of vacation. On Saturday, July 1st, during a dinner at the Conca del Sogno restaurant, he, after ordering champagne to celebrate their love, surprised her by kneeling before her and offering her the classic ring and asking: “Will you marry me, Jessica?” She would have answered (according to what is read) with a faint and shaken “yes”.

The dream wedding of Leonardo Del Vecchio, son of the Luxottica patron

Meanwhile, the couple has also debuted on social media. Among other things, with the video of a kiss in Portofino posted by her a few days ago. At this point, according to gossip, all we have to do is wait for Del Vecchio’s second wedding. And who knows if they will be as sumptuous as the first ones, those with the aristocratic Anna Castellini Baldissera staged in Saint-Tropez, to be precise at Château de la Messardiè, a 19th century castle, in June 2022. What led to the breakup in a handful of months has never been known. But one thing is certain: the heart of the son of the Luxottica patron, a few months after the goodbye, started beating again for the model Jessica Michelle Serfaty. Who is about to become his second bride.

Six children and a double marriage: the most private side of Leonardo Del Vecchio

Leonardo Del Vecchio is the father of six children, two of whom were born from his first marriage to Maria Sole Grosso, who died in 2011. From his second marriage, with Anna Castellini Baldissera, no children were born. Now the Italian entrepreneur is ready to say yes again, this time to the American model Jessica Michelle Serfaty.


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