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Leonardo DiCaprio Caserta Pizza with Parents

Leonardo DiCaprio Exploring His Roots

Leonardo DiCaprio is travelling to Italy to discover his roots. The Hollywood actor, whose great-grandparents are from Aife, in Caserta, was accompanied by his parents to Caserta, visiting its most iconic places. Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to see the 18th century Reggia of the city, and then sit at the tables of the famous pizzeria I Masanielli. The pizza maker Sasà Martucci could hardly believe his eyes when he saw him.

Surreal Experience Shared on Facebook

He shared the surreal experience in a post on his Facebook page: “I still can’t believe it, but I had the pleasure of welcoming Leonardo DiCaprio and his family in my pizzeria in Caserta, they came to eat like ordinary people. They wanted to taste more pizzas and I was proud to make them know my territory, we told them about the products we use and they appreciated it very much.”

Casual Outfit for His Late Spring Vacation

In the photos published by the pizza maker we see Leonardo DiCaprio dressed casually, with his inevitable baseball cap, white t-shirt and gray hoodie. After taking part in a festival, the 48-year-old actor gave himself a late spring vacation: first to a destination with friends and a very young model, and now with his parents. Then who knows.



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