Leonardo Pieraccioni boyfriend with Teresa Magni after the break-up from Laura Torrisi

For a long time, Leonardo Pieraccioni has been associated with Laura Torrisi, the woman with him has had a long relationship from which it is born daughter-Martina. By the time, however, their story is over and, after a long period of time as a single person, the director and actor of the tuscan is linked now from 2018 to a woman named Teresa Magni: he and his girlfriend were paparazzati on several occasions.

Who is Teresa Magni, the girlfriend of Leonardo Pieraccioni

Pieraccioni e Teresa Magni con gli storici amici di lui Giorgio Panariello e Carlo Contiin the photo: Pieraccioni and Teresa Magni with the historic friends of him, Giorgio Panariello, Carlo Conti

Teresa Magni was born in 1981 and therefore has 16 years in less than Pieraccioni, which is the class of 1965. As the companion, is a toscana doc, born and resident in Florence. His profession is not known, but we know that the woman is far from the world of the show. With the film’s director has shared an important detail of his personal life: even Teresa has a daughter born from a previous relationship, a daughter named Anna. He decided to live his private life away from the clamor, making private his profile Instagram. Pieraccioni, on the other hand, despite being very active on social never publishes photos of the girlfriend, to the confirmation of the will to live the relationship without exposing yourself.

Love with Teresa Magni after the break with Laura Torrisi

The most malicious remark the fact that Teresa Magni is comparable in the obvious way to ex-him, Laura Torrisi. This last one was the muse of the film Pieraccioni in the movie “A beautiful wife”. The film, directed by tuscan director in 2007, he was “galeotta” and marked the birth of their relationship. Pieraccioni and Torrisi have been linked for several years, and the December 13, 2010 they have become the parents of the little Martina. L’8 October 2014, it was announced officially the end of their relationship, after the release of some pictures that showed the Torrisi along with another man, by the name of Alessio Occhiocupo. In reality, there was no betrayal, as elucidated by the Torrisi. She and the director were already separated by three years: “The reason why we never pronounced on the subject of common agreement is the fact that the process for metabolizing a separation takes time and is not an easy thing. Our lives are sentimental are divided, but has remained unchanged the mutual respect and trust of a life-parenting together.” Still, for the sake of Martina, she and Pieraccioni are in very good relations although she has refused to shoot a film with him in 2018.