Letizia Spain: Mission abroad, past resurfaces.


The Official Trip to Colombia

Queen Letizia of Spain carries out her duties with enthusiasm and unwavering passion, as proved by her official trip to Colombia where she was accompanied by the first lady of the country, Veronica Alcocer. Wearing her Panama Jack boots, her “baggy” pants full of useful pockets from the Stradivarius brand and with a red vest, the one who has moved away from her usual style visited the “Taller Cartagena de Indias” training center in Cartagena on June 14, 2023, on the first day of her official trip to Colombia.

Strengthening the Rule of Law

Two years earlier, the Spanish minister had done his part to strengthen the rule of law with the development of inclusive policies and gender equity in order to consolidate peace in the regions most affected by violence and poverty. A partnership between Madrid and Bogota that reflects not only the political support for the peace agreement signed in November 2016 with the former FARC guerrillas, but also includes financial aid for development.

A Role Model for Her Daughters

Far from the evening gowns and tiaras, Letizia of Spain gets her hands dirty like the committed journalist she was in the past, an example of involvement for her country and the rest of the world that must be looked at with admiration by her husband of course, but also their two daughters, Leonor and Sofia (17 and 16 years old) who are at the gates of their adult life. The eldest, heir to the throne, is preparing to do three years of military studies in different parts of the country, while the youngest has chosen the UWC Atlantic College. It is a model of commitment and involvement that must be followed by her daughters.


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