Levante turn the page after Diodato: “I’m in love with.”


Levante, a guest at Verissimo in the episode of Saturday 22 February, after participating in the Sanremo Festival, talks about his love life and declares: “they Are in love and are in a phase very happy with my life. I have a boyfriend of a few months. It’s nice to be in love. The love does not have to be strenuous.”

The singer, the sicilian tells the story of Silvia University what is her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Diodato, fresh winner of the event: “I Am so happy for him and for his victory and I am very happy that Italy has to be applauded, because it is a singer-songwriter who deserves this success. Things did not go well between us, but we remained friends”.

The song ‘Make noise’ Diodato is for Levante? The comment

On the assumption that the winning song of the Festival ‘Make noise’ to be dedicated to her, Levante clarifies: “I don’t think. To him, in an interview, ran away and that maybe it was for me too, but I think that’s a feeling you can bring together so many things, the experiences a little cooler. Probably there can be an emotion dedicated to me, but it’s not for me that song”.

(In the photo below, the east, and Silvia University to True)


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