Levi McConaughey, Matthew’s son, grows up and debuts on Instagram.


Levi McConaughey’s Instagram Debut

All eyes are on him: Levi McConaughey, 15, has just landed on Instagram with a video full of acrobatics and funny moments. In a few hours he has surpassed 77 thousand followers. The reason? He is an attractive boy, of course, he has already started to frequent the world of fashion and seems nice, but the first quality that stands out is the family story. Son of Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey and Brazilian model / stylist Camilla Alves, he has beauty in his DNA and – judging by the first published contents – he does not lack charisma and self-confidence.

Levi’s Parents’ Reaction

The first story portrays his parents while wishing him a happy birthday and his mother confesses all the apprehension for the arrival of adulthood for the firstborn of the house, but above all for the opening of this public profile. Matthew, on the other hand, seems more relaxed at the idea that Levi makes his official entry into the web. It seems that this step was the result of a long conversation between the actor and his wife and that they both tried to keep their son as far away as possible from the social universe. “Now he knows who he is and he knows where he’s going. I think he can handle it. And then he has a great story to tell and share“: with these words the Oscar winner ends every discussion and gives the blessing to Levi.

Levi’s Siblings’ Congratulatory Messages

The second surprise, meanwhile, is a song sung and played on the piano by the younger brother, Livingston (11 years old). The girl of the house, Vida (13 years old), has not yet revealed her surprise of congratulations, but it will surely be very tender. The father, with his 8 million followers, meanwhile puts the post in evidence, all proud of his little man. Not surprisingly, in his bio on the social he puts the acting career in third place, after the appellation husband and father. In the feed, if you look closely, there are mainly motivational posts, as if Hollywood were just one of the many places he frequents (meanwhile he is aiming for politics).

Returning to Levi, however, the father warns the network: “I want you all to know that this boy is a kind, young and respectful guy and I hope you all do your best to treat him the same way“. At 13 years old, in fact, the US authorizes the use of social networks, unless opposed by parents. In this case there were initial hesitations but they were widely overcome. In fact, Levi uses his father’s inspirational phrases in his initial video-greeting and in turn the actor invites the network to keep an eye on his son’s content, because in his opinion it is worth a lot. So the public is left to wait and see if a star has really been born.


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