LGBTQ+ rights: Arisa defends against accusations; Giorgia Meloni? Happy for a woman in power. Supporting LGBTQ+ rights.


Arisa’s Clarification on Her Appreciation for Giorgia Meloni

After the criticism and polemics for her words of appreciation towards Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Arisa returns to the subject and speaks of “a kind of misunderstanding”. Guest on Domenica In, the singer emphasizes that she has been “a peacemaker since she was a child”, and always seeks “a balance between the parties even when it seems there is none”. As in this case: “I said that I like Giorgia Meloni“, but this does not mean that there are “huge problems” on the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Polemics Against Arisa

But what sparked the polemics against Arisa, who has always been a supporter of that world? Interviewed by Peter Gomez during the television program La Confessione, the singer did not hide her sympathy for the Prime Minister, explaining that she likes Giorgia Meloni “because she has a lot of cazzimma”, a Neapolitan dialect word that indicates someone who, in any situation, has an innate attitude to find their own advantage and to pull water to their mill. And on LGBTQia+ rights, Arisa explained that, despite the Premier’s positions not being “open”, she added that in her opinion Meloni behaves “like a very strict and scared mother” who, having four children, “seems to do things that are good for all 4 children, maybe penalizing one”. Statements that attracted a flood of criticism, including that of Vladimir Luxuria according to which a mother should not “make children and stepchildren leaving one of her children behind only because he is different from the others”.

Arisa’s Response to the Criticisms

Now, a few days later, as a guest of Mara Venier on television, Arisa answered the attacks. And, explaining that during the interview she did not expect “certain questions”, she clarified that her words wanted to be an invitation to dialogue. “I have always been on the side of rights and minorities and especially on the side of women“, said the singer. And she reiterated that she is “on the side of all rights”, so “I can also be happy if a woman like me gets to the government and for once finds herself in the highest power”. This, however, she clarified, “has nothing to do with her political activity towards certain things”. And to those on social media who accused her of expressing her sympathies for Meloni “to secure a place at Sanremo”, she answered harshly explaining that “I am not for sale anywhere”. And since she does not want to appear as “a traitor and turncoat”, she asked the Prime Minister expressly “not to facilitate me in anything: I am not a turncoat, I am on the side of rights and I will continue to be so until the last day of my life“.


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