Line Renaud: “End of life project rejected, too constraining”


A True Story: The Next Trip

The Parisien recently went to meet Line Renaud, who has been filming since May 23 for a television movie that is expected to be called The Next Trip and will be broadcast on France 2. In this feature film, which tells the story of an old couple who “return to the room of their wedding to close the loop of a happy life,” the 94-year-old actress gives the answer to Jean Sorel.

Adapting the Play for Television

Thierry Binisti has thus adapted the play into a television movie, “at the request of the actress”. Certainly to delight the friend of Dominique Besnehard, who is also participating in this project as a producer.

Line Renaud’s Campaign for Euthanasia

As mentioned earlier, Line Renaud was particularly touched by this story, she who is “to die with dignity”. Indeed, as The Parisien points out, she is “actively campaigning for everyone’s right to leave as they wish”. In other words, the actress is in favor of euthanasia. “I saw my mother die in terrible suffering, she asked me to make her leave, Loulou (Gasté, her late husband, ed.) too. Why let people suffer when we know it’s over? We have to help them leave, that’s why I’m making this movie,” she told the newspaper, adding that, in her opinion, this feature film can “advance things”. “There will be a law, you’ll see,” assured the actress.


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