Live Koh-Lanta 2020 : follow live episode 12 the Island of the heroes

Friday is the day of Koh-Lanta. TF1 broadcasts the may 22, a new moment of escape with the adventures of the candidates of The Islands of the hero. Thanks to Voici.frfollow live the second part of the twelfth episode of the program cult of the One.

Denis Brogniart



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The excitement is at its peak among the fans of Koh-Lanta. In this Friday, may 22, they will be finally the name of the finalists of this edition of The island of heroes. And the places are expensive ! In addition to the board, which will be one of the adventurers leave the competition, the immunity challenge will also be eliminated. As explained by Denis Brogniart, will especially not coming last. But Eric has an advantage for the council to come : in case of victory in the event, Claude has promised him to give him her necklace. What redistribute the cards…