LIVE Top chef : follow live the fourth episode of the show !

The competition continues! Last Wednesday, Jean-Philippe, of the brigade of Hélène Darroze has been eliminated. Whose turn is it to shine in Top Chef, in which the turn to be eliminated from the culinary competition? Follow the show live thanks to our Live!

He had barely had time to show his culinary talents… Jean-Philippe, of the brigade of Hélène Darroze, has been eliminated from Top Chef, Wednesday 4 march. A hard kick to the head of the yellow, which is more than David and Mallory in his team. The rest of the brigades are therefore always in full : Paul Pairet, who had lost the candidate Gianmarco as early as the first week of competition, has recovered Justine, “candidate of the lonely” at the beginning of the show, and can always count on Adrien and Mory. Philippe Etchebest account in his team, Diego, Martin, and Gratian (amateur chef winner of the show Aim’s Top Chef), and Michel Sarran is at the head of the brigade composed by Jordan, Nastasia (who was near the accident during one of the tests) and Pauline. But it will not last long.

What brigade will qualify for the fifth week? Which candidates will meet in the last chance ? Which chef will leave the competition on Wednesday 11 march ? To avoid losing, it will be necessary that the applicants revisit the chicken-fried to seduce a belgian chef starry, Christophe Hardiquest. “This is the season of the daring”, says Hélène Darroze its teams in the trailer for tonight’s episode. It was so excited to see the wacky ideas of the brigades to enhance the chicken thighs. And to not miss anything of the events of this evening, follow the show live thanks to our Live !