Lluís Llongueras, renowned hairdresser, dies at 87 years old.


Lluís Llongueras: The Icon of Hair Art

Lluís Llongueras passed away this Monday, May 29th at the age of 87. Until today, he was the face of the hair salons bearing his surname, “Llongueras”, which has more than 50 establishments in our country, in addition to 120 worldwide. Born in 1936 in Esparraguera, Lluís Llongueras, father of three children, dedicated himself to the world of hairdressing since he was 14 years old.

Revolutionary Vision and Avant-Garde Style

Known for his avant-garde style and innovative approach, Llongueras revolutionized the way of understanding hairdressing, breaking traditional schemes and betting on daring techniques and styles. His creative vision and ability to adapt fashion trends to hairdressing earned him a prominent place in the international scene. His legacy in the beauty and style industry is indelible. And since an early age, Llongueras showed his passion for hair art.

Collaborations with Salvador Dalí

Among his outstanding collaborations is his work with the famous surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. Together, they created a monumental work: a giant wig that is currently exhibited in the room dedicated to Mae West in the Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueras. This collaboration is a testament to Llongueras’ influence in the world of art and fashion.


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