Lola Herrera’s Kids: Natalia & Daniel Dicenta, Artists Like Her


The Marriage of Lola Herrera

Lola Herrera was only married once: it was between 1960 and 1967 with the actor Daniel Dicenta, but this short marriage was anything but a happy stage for the actress. On occasions, the interpreter of ‘Five Hours with Mario’ has narrated how her husband spent all the money that came into the house on gambling and women, and that Lola had to take on all the jobs she could to give her children, Natalia and Daniel, a good life. As she herself has explained, they were the best thing about that marriage, which ended when Dicenta left the house, leaving the actress with the children (the youngest was only 14 months old). According to Lola, this separation did not take place earlier because divorce was not legal in Spain until the 80s.

Natalia Dicenta’s Career

Today, Lola Herrera’s children, Natalia and Daniel Dicenta, are 60 and 57 years old respectively, and both have followed in their parents’ artistic footsteps. There can be no lover of cinema or theater in this country who does not know Natalia Dicenta. Lola Herrera’s eldest daughter has a long career behind her, which began at the age of 12 when she appeared on television for the first time. Up to 25 television series make up her bulky curriculum, with titles as well known as ‘Stories to Keep You Awake’, ‘Oh, Mr. Mr!’, ‘The Commissioner’ or ‘7 Lives’. After several years away from the audiovisual, Natalia has returned to TV in recent years, appearing in recent fiction such as ‘The Internship: The Peaks’ or ‘Entrevías’, alongside José Coronado. In addition to television, the daughter of Lola Herrera has moved like a fish in the water in cinema (she has made 17 films) and, of course, in the theater, where she has taken to the boards more than 20 times. But Natalia Dicenta’s real passion is music: this actress is also a jazz singer, and her name is essential on the main posters of festivals of the genre in our country.

Daniel Dicenta’s Career

While his older sister has felt more attracted to the spotlights, Daniel Dicenta Herrera has preferred to stay behind the cameras. Specifically, behind the cameras of photographs, since this is his main occupation. A professional photographer, Lola Herrera’s youngest son has also tried his luck as a producer and editor, in addition to being the creator of the play ‘Addicts’, which stars, of course, his mother. “In love with life and creativity, and fighting for a more empathetic and supportive world,” he says of himself on social networks. His appearances have been few, but very striking was that of ‘Blood Ties’: Daniel spoke about the fundamental pillars of his life, his mother and his maternal grandparents. With Lola, his son Daniel has a very special relationship: “I try to always be aware of her, who continues to go on tour and continues to work,” he revealed on the TVE program. “I love her very much, we are very friends,” added his elder sister Natalia about their famous mother.


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