Lorenzo Amoruso, the only man (of “Temptation Island”) that we would like to

A premise is necessary. Lorenzo Amoruso, who in Temptation Island has emerged as a guru of essay, adding a few (and right) lessons of bon ton, has not had to struggle much in order to excel on the companions of reality. It is said, namely, that in the land of the blind a one-eyed man has an easy life. And this, in the end, it was Amoruso: a normal man, between the prototypes of boyfriends avoid you like the plague. Amoruso, who with colleagues in the Village’s Boyfriends tried to teach a little bit of integrity, pungolandoli to the occurrence because to find strength and determination (to buzz Andrea), has remained faithful to Manila Nazzaro. And, in front of the cameras, which, perhaps, would have preferred to surprise them in the attitudes, promiscuous with a few single, had no hesitation in showing themselves as-is: gruff, sometimes proud, always, in love, and even more.

The former footballer, whose Manila Nazzaro has reprimanded for not wanting to take decisions, forcing the couple to a life of eternal lovers, he wept tears of sincere speaking of the woman who has chosen to love. He left that their vulnerability to emerge, and has not tried to give himself the image of a piacione conceited, with a safety fake of the man that should not (or so it thinks) never asking. Amoruso was the opposite of Pietro Delle Piane. The nemesis of Ciavy. Lorenzo Amoruso was a man where no one has had the caliber to be.

Manila Nazzaro, talked about a little bit, with respect. He did it with anger, occasionally. It is heated when she asked that it be re-seasoned version of the former Miss Italy. But the anger has not never found of the insult. There was one time, sitting on the beaches of Sardinia, where Amoruso has lost self-control, and with this the dignity. The former athlete, who in the grand finale of the show has been faithful to his every promise committing themselves officially in a relationship that can lead to marriagesor, he refused to mock the companion of umiliarla for their weaknesses (ready, Pietro Delle Piane?). Not spiattellato every private aspect of his relationship, nor has succumbed to the coaxing hauling out (from production) of the source of temptation.

It is tautological, and, perhaps, repetitive. But Lorenzo Amoruso was a man, sure of himself, and that’s enough not to be afraid of transparency. Why are not the tears that steal the virility of a man is not faithful to one woman and the lack of interest in attract other. Is the fiction, the harbinger of every disamoramento. Is the loss of esteem in the person you believed to love. Is the sicumera of Pietro Delle Piane, the attempt of abuse of the eternal implemented by a Ciavy. To remove the manhood of a man is an attempt, often pathetic, to sell yourself as a Casanova, refusing however to accept the consequences (again, ring the bell, Pietro Delle Piane).