Lory Del Santo: “I Met a violent man, me slapping her, and I granted to get out of it unscathed”

Interviewed during the programme, The moody blues, broadcast on Radio2, Lory Del Santo recalls a brief but painful interlude of his life, an episode that lasted the space of a night. He met a man who today defines “violent” to which he decided to indulge in only for the purpose of being able to escape, unscathed, in those hours of painful. In the years to follow would not have removed that episode:

A rip-off? One evening in London, I met the friend of a friend of mine. I had met him the previous evening, leave it at that, is going to end badly, it was one of the most dramatic of my life. Men, unfortunately, are the very pigs and a little violent sometimes, he gave me one slap on the face, I realized that it was better to say yes rather than try to say no and have some drama next.

The slap and the decision to indulge in

The Of the Saint, today is linked to the young Marco Cucolo, claims have decided to take that night in order to avoid the dramas of the worst: “There is that everything in life is not perfect always. I have granted to him, while he get out of it unscathed. I had refused to climb into his room in the Hotel, he convinced me to come up with a excuse. I thought that it would never happen to me nothing in a hotel. It had been a private home I would never climb. I did not leave the room all night. For the slap to my swollen cheek”. Ran away, he decided not to report: “I never reported because I am afraid of revenge. I preferred to forget”.

The summer that he would never forget

Among the beautiful memories, instead, Lory enters the summer I spent with a billionaire known in the disco, a man who would have given him a dream summer on board his yacht: “The summer love, the most beautiful? When I met an arab with a boat, great. It was a special summer, I met a special person, I hosted a wonderful boat, I was very young, I was twenty years old. I was in Paris, I used to model, I met at the disco who invited me in the French riviera, in a wonderful villa, with an ocean pool. I didn’t even have the suitcases. It was the summer, the more adventurous of my life. I have always been a survivor, I have always tried to do things to be safe, but accidents can happen to you even in a safety deposit box.