Lory Del Santo: “The friendship between a man and a woman only exists if the woman is ugly”

Lory Del Santo stepped to the microphones de “The moody blues”the night program of Radio Two, hosted by Roberto Arduini and Andrea Ciancio, live from Monday to Friday from midnight-thirty to six. The showgirl, has spoken of the friendship between a man and a woman, for the future, but also of her parents and the loss of his father when he was still very small. His report was, then, mainly with the mother: “My father I never met, died when I was three years old in a car accident. My mother was a lunatic, for she existed only to eat, sleep, and study. And work. She was a type of few words in the family, while laughing with the others.”

The friendship between man and woman

Lory Del Santo has spoken of the difficulties of friendship between man and woman, and how in his experience all men who have tried to be her friends were fake: “The friendship between a man and a woman only exists if the woman is rather ugly. This is the only way possible. In my comparisons the attempts friendly were all fake. The man waiting for your weak moment to help you and so there is. As if to infiltrasi in the crack of a rock. The women are nice with you, but just can’t get a javelin and go with your boyfriend, it’s a race to who finishes first. The friendship between women is worse than to go at night. But it’s funny, life is an obstacle, otherwise it would be boring”

The fear of the future and the desire to become a mother

The showgirl, who, over the years, neglect has been committed with the project, The Lady, and that over the years has carved out a place as a commentator on television, he also spoke of the fear for the future, and especially fear of compromise and the need to have a stable economic situation: “I fear the sense of having to accept compromises. The economic calmness is essential. If parts from humble origins, and not you fall in love the first billionaire that comes to the front, you may need to compromise”. The woman has also spoken of his desire to become a mother, taking a child in foster care: “cross-Reference of year-to-year, I feel super young. In short, the clouds will disappear, and we need to start new challenges. I thought that sometimes there are people out there who are special. Just find them, maybe they are the ones that address your existence. One is born with a treasure, it is up to you to find it”