Lou Doillon IVG: Violent Amniocentesis, Frank Talk on Experience.


Lou Doillon’s Atypical Profile

Lou Doillon answered the exciting and intimate questions about motherhood by Clémentine Galey for her podcast Bliss Stories. During the interview, the actress, model, singer and musician opened up without taboos about her two motherhoods, the first of which took place more than twenty years ago and the second last year. Mother of two boys, Marlowe, born in 2002, and Laszlo, born in 2022, she has an atypical profile which she assumes and talks about with frankness and tenderness.

Difficulties Faced During Pregnancy

Despite all the difficulties she has faced. Indeed, for her first pregnancy, she suffered from the lack of presence of the father, the musician John Ulysses Mitchell, from whom she is now separated. She also had to face abortions and miscarriages. She reveals having experienced “a very violent interruption of pregnancy“: “it took three and a half months to understand.” A motherhood she would have liked to continue but which ended in a “super creepy” way. She also talks about an “amniocentesis” she had to undergo, with “meetings of doctors who make assumptions about a trisomy, and then that complicated moment when they ask you to think. We live some pretty bad days.”

Difficult Experiences

Just before the birth of her second son Laszlo, she experienced a new miscarriage: “And then a real weight loss, supposedly I won’t make it. Fortunately I had one that I wanted. And then there are those we wanted and didn’t hold on. My God, how hard it is to be a woman and at the same time, what magic we have in us. And at the same time, we are magical without all that mess too.” Experiences from which the one who is in a relationship with the draftsman Stéphane Manel emerged stronger, she who had to face the sudden death of her older sister, the photographer Kate Barry, at 46 in 2013. “Dramas, we get out of them better if we take them as a universal lesson,” she will confide.


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