Louis Bertignac Wedding: Illness Affects Attendees, 14 of 17 Guests Infected.


Louis Bertignac’s Musical and Autobiographical Work

Louis Bertignac is back in the spotlight for the release of his new solo album, In the Movie of Life. A musical and autobiographical work that is part of his book published last year.

Louis Bertignac’s Marriage

When he meets Laetitia Brichet, 34 years his junior, he does not fear the age gap, so he is still as lively and passionate. This is how he welcomed the birth of his third child and first with her, Jack, in 2019. Indeed, the musician is also the father of Lola, born on April 20, 2004 and Lili, born on September 18, 2007, from his former relationship with actress Julie Delafosse. New step for Louis and Laetitia in 2021: marriage, a ceremony of which he gives details in Le Parisien. “Covid wedding (laughs). My oldest friend and witness, Serge, who played in Les Visiteurs, did not know he had covid and passed it on to 14 out of 17 people. Fortunately there were the Olympics! I was in my room. I had lost my taste and smell. I got them back.” A slightly complicated post-marriage, but the memory of a joyful and stylish party. Louis Bertignac and Laetitia Brichet said “yes” on July 24, 2021 exactly during a ceremony celebrated in the middle of nature. Sublime in a long white tulle and lace dress, the thirty-something united for life with the coach of The Voice who wore an electric blue suit decorated with a flower on the lapel. No loafers or derbies for the artist who preferred white sneakers to accompany his wedding costume.

Louis Bertignac and Laetitia Brichet’s Life During Covid

Before their wedding, covid had already invaded their daily lives, as in the lives of couples around the world. “We got into it like a lot of couples. We did separate houses for two, three months,” he remembered in the pages of Gala. “I wanted to put Jack back in school but Louis was scared he would bring the virus home… We argued,” added his half. To reconcile, music came into play: from a distance, he sent her a few verses of a song that evokes reconciliation, the outstretched hand… and she accepted to sing the chorus. In Le Parisien, he returned to this particular title, entitled Peut-être un jour: “We were almost on the brink of breaking up. (…) I sent her a text with this song asking her if she wanted to sing the second verse with me. She answered with pleasure. That was the beginning of the reconciliation.”


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