Love Farm Suffering: ‘Amour est dans le pré’ candidate in distress.


Sad News for the Family

In the past few months, a former contestant of L’amour est dans le pré has had a difficult time. And, unfortunately for her, it doesn’t stop there. On May 30, 2023, she announced some sad news on her Instagram account.

A Beautiful Blended Family

In 2013, M6 viewers were introduced to Didier, a 41-year-old cow and goat farmer. The show presented by Karine Le Marchand allowed him to find love in the person of Stéphanie. Together, they became the proud parents of Esteban (7 years old), a little boy who was born earlier than expected. And the suitor was already the happy mother of Killian, whom the farmer had adopted. Together, they form a beautiful blended family.

Recent Difficulties

If the year 2022 was marked by beautiful events, such as the marriage of the lovebirds, the year 2023 is much darker. On Wednesday, Stéphanie made a sad revelation to their community. She posted a photo of their dog, a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. “The diagnosis is out for you Mabrouka, malignant tumor. We’re not doing chemo. For now you eat, you run. That’s my sad life, suffering and seeing people and animals I love go away,” reads the caption of the post. Stéphanie quickly received the support of internet users. Many commented on the post to wish her courage. No doubt to warm the heart of the mother of the family. In February, it was for Didier that Stéphanie was worried. He had been taken to the hospital in an emergency due to back pain. “Little trip to the emergency room for Didier. He suffers, suffers, has pain in the lower back. He screams and even vomited this morning. He didn’t want to go because it was a bad memory for him. The last time he was there was to take his father who didn’t come out,” she announced. A little later, she revealed that the former contestant of L’amour est dans le pré had “a calculus”. “It should go away by itself, otherwise there will be hospitalization. We also made an appointment with an urologist in an emergency for Saturday,” she said. In April, it was her son Esteban who gave her a nice fright. He had been taken to the hospital after an accident at school.


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