Love in the Field: Suicide Confessions from an L’amour est dans le pré Candidate


The Dark Moments of Julien

Life has not always been easy for Julien. The iconic candidate of L’amour est dans le pré 2008 has even thought about suicide. Sad confessions that Floriane and he made during their exclusive interview revealed that Julien had known dark moments…

The Reasons Behind the Change of Life

Floriane: When I met Julien, he was not in great shape. He wanted to end it because of several factors. He was lacking love, he felt alone. He wanted to stop the farm but couldn’t. He immediately told me that I was going to have to support him. I even fell upon a letter where everything was planned. He had decreed that he wanted to finish. But I was his psychologist. He was on leave for a year. It was complicated because he sold his social shares, except that it did not reimburse the bank loans. And of course, if there is an income, there are taxes. Julien had to combine three jobs (2/8 at his job, chicken removal at night and at a farmer’s on the weekend). And I also took over directly after my fourth child who had a lot of medical appointments. In addition, he was on antidepressants, but I made him stop it right away because I found that it was sinking him even more. And with my laughter and my craziness, I was his little breath of fresh air. Some still do not know, but indeed Julien you are no longer a farmer. For what reason have you made a change of life?

The Impact of L’amour est dans le pré

Julien: There were several factors that gave me the desire to stop. We had a milk crisis. The milk was almost given to the dairy. And I was in society with my brothers and it was not easy to make the difference between family life with them, with whom I got along very well, and work. Everyone thought we would get along well, but we did not necessarily have the same goal. It was still hard to leave this cocoon, with brothers you appreciate. I was wondering how to leave them without hurting them and without putting them in difficulty. At one point, when you cross a rope and look at it with a smile, it’s not good. I was saying to myself: ‘If I commit suicide, in terms of bank insurance, it will put them even more in the shit.’ Because insurance does not cover anything in case of suicide or illness. So I imagined having a motorcycle accident for it to work. It’s silly to think that far not to hurt the loved ones and not to make them feel guilty. Floriane: I arrived two weeks and a half before he had more or less orchestrated it. It was hot. When I met him, I wouldn’t have said it. He was hiding his game well in the show, because he was the joy of living incarnate. That’s why L’amour est dans le pré was a lifeline, because he was lacking love and someone to support him.


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