Love in the Fields 2023: Jean-Paul isn’t a fan of this flirty call.


Karine Le Marchand and M6’s Love is in the Pre

Karine Le Marchand and her single farmers are finally back this Monday, August 21st, 2023 on M6, for the 18th season of Love is in the Pre! And it’s already time for face-to-face meetings, during 10 minutes top chrono… After Patrice, a 39 year old cow farmer who made a huge mistake during his speed-datings (to the point that the production intervened!), it’s Jean-Paul’s turn, a 62 year old cereal farmer, to discover the letters of his suitors. Already the father of two sons, he has lived no less than thirty-five years of celibacy, devoting himself in particular to the health of his now deceased parents.

Jean-Paul’s Portrait Excites His Suitors

And, to say the least, his portrait broadcast a few months ago on M6 had the effect of exciting his suitors! The proof in the letters they sent him, in which two of them took the time to emphasize that they were not cold-blooded. “I’m dynamic, joyful, flirty…“, “I have to admit that I’m a bit flirty“, he reads. But not enough to charm this man full of humor! “Flirty, flirty…“, “Another flirty one!“, he seems to bemoan in front of the cameras of the show. Before delivering: “I’m happy to have fun but I’m getting old now“. And to conclude, laughing and with images in his head: “Help!”

Jean-Paul’s Opportunity for Suitors

It must be said that the farmer had offered them a great opportunity during the shooting of his portrait, he who now lives alone (but perhaps not for long?) in the family farm. The one who had divorced after only one year of marriage had indeed revealed to be particularly attracted by a particular part of the body of women… More precisely: by “the shape of the leg“. Consequently, he had the pleasant surprise of discovering photographs of his suitors, in short dresses to better reveal their pretty legs to him… And the attention paid off! “Wow! Ah yes, there’s calf there!“, he exclaimed in front of the shots.


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