Love in the Fields: Sad Confessions about Child’s Health Struggles


A Stepfather from the Start

Before meeting the candidate of Love is in the Pre 2008 (M6), Floriane (39 years old) was the happy mother of two children: Diego and Méline (18 and 16 years old, born from a previous relationship). And together, Julien (40 years old) and the charming childcare assistant had Axel (11 years old) and Lina (9 years old). But the beginning of life of the youngest was very complicated as the couple recalled during their interview. Julien, you became a stepfather since Floriane already had two children. How is it going with them?

A Positive Attitude in Difficult Times

Together, they had two children, including the little Lina who did not have an easy start in life. How did you manage to face this? Floriane: When you are two, you are much stronger. I spent all my time in the intensive care unit with her and Julien was taking care of the other three children. Julien: I was anxious but I didn’t want to show it when I wasn’t feeling well. But we never fell ill at the same time. So, we always kept a positive attitude. What happened to her exactly? Floriane: Lina was born at 34 weeks, and fifteen days after her birth they saw that her bilirubin level was rising. It could intoxicate her brain, so she was in the intensive care unit at the CHU of Nantes for fifteen days.

Ending a Toxic Relationship

Floriane, what is your relationship with the father of Diego and Méline? Floriane: We were in good terms at first but now we don’t contact each other at all. I am a very sensitive person, so it is very easy to hurt me. And at one point, it was too much. Whether it was Julien or me, we decided it was better to stop this toxic relationship. The tone was rising too often, too long. And it was playing too much on my health in particular. Julien: I had never interfered with anything before that, whether it was in the education of the children or concerning school. But now it had to be done. Floriane: It was the only time in almost fourteen years that he got involved. It was too violent. Now the children are grown up, so they communicate directly with him. It’s going very well like that.


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