Love is in the pre-2020 : big changes planned for season 15

The production of love is in the meadow has not yet announced the release date of the next season hosted by Karine Le Marchand. It has, however, unveiled the new features of the edition 2020 that promise to sacred surprises.

Karine Le Marchand



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Love is in the pre 15 will not be released immediately, but “soon”, according to the production during a press conference which was attended by 20 minutes. A lot of new features, such as that of Koh-Lanta, the 4 Land, which is expected on 28 August on TF1 – are to be expected in the new raw 2020. The goal is obviously the same : the farmers selected shall choose from among several letters of contenders and pretenders two people to come spend a week on their farm and whether or not to give a chance in love. But the process will be a little different to previous editions.

The opening of the haul upset

It is with astonishment that one learns that the season will begin this year directly by the speed-dating. A program change which is explained by the desire not to influence some of the characters from the show : “This idea was born out of a weariness which you could have. There were always farmers who, when they had finished reading their letters, had put their grain of salt, déconcentraient the other, reveals Karine Le Marchand. It was painful because of the strong personalities influenced the personalities impressionable while he is the love of their life. However, if they had had all the time they wanted and having no influence whatever, maybe they would have chosen other people on other criteria “. It is, therefore, at home, and alone, that the farmers will learn about the messages that are sent and in which the sequences will be directly integrated during the speed-dating.

The speed-dating will not take place in the usual restaurant located in the Montmartre district of paris, but in Neuilly-sur-Seine, in a more romantic setting. Contacts on which Karine Le Marchand will have his word to say : “[It] will be in the area from these beginnings, watching on a screen, while commenting, the head-to-head between the single fields and their contenders or pretenders. “A real intention of the production to give it more weight in the program :” Karine was always Doctor Love in the shadows. We didn’t see him enough “. This should delight the fans of the host !