Lovren celebrated the title in Liverpool with the fans: “I needed to do it and I’m happy”

Interviewed by Sport 24, the new defender for Zenit St. Petersburg Dejan Lovren has told of an episode that occurred during the celebration for the title in Liverpool: “After the game, many fans went to the stadium, it was a great party. They told us: ‘Guys, don’t go to the stadium because you will have problems, can’t be sure as there’. I said to myself: ‘is it too soon, it’s midnight. I get in the car and go to Anfield, only to see all that happened there’. I saw a video, I put the mask and I went in there. Tens of thousands of people celebrating and I wanted to try that emotion because we had not celebrated well at the stadium, it was empty. I needed to do it and I’m glad I did, it was a great experience”.