Luca Argentero a few weeks after the birth of her daughter: “I’m Not afraid, I am sure it will go well”

Luca Argentero he is ready to welcome the child that waits by the companion Cristina Marino. The first daughter of actor will arrive in the late spring, the most difficult period for Italy, marked by the fight against the pandemic coronavirus that has shocked the world. But Argentero know in the weekly Today of being ready, of not being afraid:

Our baby girl will arrive in the late spring. Fear? No, they are still more enthusiastic, confident and hopeful. Our feeling, and I also speak for the Cri is of pure joy. We are confident that everything will be fine. I think at this time everyone is thinking about their own priorities… Having a small life to be accepted, my commitment will be to make the best possible world.

The desire of the fatherhood of Luca Argentero

“They are to the twentieth heaven! I have always thought that one day I would become a father, but a son is not the stuff you order on the menu,” he added Argentero from the companion Cristina Marino, will have her first daughter. It is for this reason that, despite the difficulties linked to the time course, not looking forward to cuddling her little girl: “Must get there and this little girl peeps in the best time possible, with a person, perfect and beautiful as Cri”.

Argentero is back on tv with “Doc – In your hands”

Continues booming and also the career of the actor. In short, Luca Argentero will return on tv on Rai the series “Doc – In your hands”. For the moment, will be aired only the first four episodes of the series, the grand finale will be aired in the autumn. Mara Venier, in the course of the last bet of the day, Luke explained that the crew was forced to stop filming due to the coronavirus.