Luca Parmitano wedding: Space unites them forever.


A Moment of Happiness

Orange blossoms for Luca Parmitano. The astronaut has married Marta Guidarelli. And, making an exception to the privacy he usually likes to protect, he has shared a shot on Twitter in which he appears as a groom next to his current wife. A way to share a moment of happiness with his followers, but also the occasion for a romantic dedication to the bride: “Space is what unites us, not what distances us” he wrote on social media, adding the date of the wedding, “2.6.2023”.

The Newlyweds

Luca Parmitano and Marta Guidarelli, in fact, got married in Sicily, his homeland, a few days ago, but only now AstroLuca has shared the good news. For him it is the second yes: in 2009, in fact, he married the American Kathy Dillow, from whom he had two daughters, Sarah and Maia. They also participated in the joy of their father and appear just behind the newlyweds in the shot shared by the astronaut.

The Wedding Day

For the wedding day he wore the high colonel’s uniform. The bride, on the other hand, who works in Human Resources within the Campari group, opted for a classic white dress, with veil and lace details. The shot quickly became viral and received many comments from followers.


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