Lucy Liu (Why Women Kill) : single mom, the actress explains why she had to resort to the FAM

Lucy Liu is back on tv in the series Why Women Kill. The opportunity to discuss the maternity of the actress of 51 years who had a son through surrogacy.

This Thursday, march 26, at 21h05, M6 broadcasts the first episode of Why Women Kill. The series follows three women, living in three different eras in the same house, who will be brought to commit murder after having been deceived by their husbands. In this first season, Lucy Liu embodies the character of Simone Grove, a woman socialite including her third husband used to hide his homosexuality. In life, the actress of 51 years has a daily a lot more tranquil. After a relationship with screenwriter Zach Helm, or the businessman Noam Gottesman, the actress has decided to fully live her single life.

A choice criticized

Even without a partner, Lucy Liu, however, did not make a cross on the maternity ward. Quite the contrary ! In August 2015, she became the mother of a little boy named Rockwell Lloyd, born by a surrogate mother. A choice that she has always claimed, despite the critics. The former star of Ally McBealhas been using the FAM for a reason very special. “I just seemed to be the right option for me, because I was working and I didn’t know when I would be able to stop me, she declared to People magazine. I decided that it was probably the best solution for me, and it turned out that it was great. “

Lucy Liu profiting from his life of mom to the side of his son. It makes it even more a joy to immortalize him on the social networks when he attends to a few of his shoots. A happiness that has no price for the actress.