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Luis Sal: Fedez Breaks Silence, Explains Upcoming Actions

It may soon be a clarification regarding the “absence” of Luis Sal from the Muschio Selvaggio podcast, which the YouTuber was hosting with Fedez until last March. It was Fedez himself who, during a talk with his followers, said that if Luis does not come forward, he will provide an explanation himself. “If it depended on me, I would have already clarified the situation,” said Fedez, “I am at a point where I would have talked about it before, I would have avoided this whole situation. But it is obvious that if I don’t talk about it, it is because I can’t talk about it, not because of my intention.” It is evident that something really happened between them, although the rapper had never mentioned it before. “To be honest, at the moment I have some things, some work commitments, between the series, the song that has to come out, then there is another project I have been working on for a year and a half that I will present next week … so I want to focus on this and not ruin months, in some projects, years of work. After this, regardless of how things go, obviously the intention is to try to give explanations in the most correct and transparent way possible,” added Fedez. “If no solution is found, at some point I will give explanations, because it is only right. I understand that the behavior towards the listeners of Muschio was not the best, but I will get there. So if not next week … from the following week if no solution is found I will give the explanations that were already necessary months ago, with all the serenity in the world”. Luis Sal, who has been quiet on social media for a while, has never spoken about the reasons that led him to leave the program. The last post published on Instagram dates back to last April. And if at first it was thought to be a fight between the two, today the mystery is even thicker. All this, nevertheless, Fedez assured, is not serious: “Things are simpler and much less dramatic than you can imagine. Obviously if you don’t talk, you leave room for speculation, which is really bad.” Followers await. Fedez and Luis Sal at a fashion show in 2021 ©Getty Images. Fans await the explanation about the “disappearance” of Luis Sal, and if the YouTuber does not come forward, Fedez promised to provide an explanation himself. It is evident that something happened between the two, and if no solution is found, the rapper will try to give an explanation with all the serenity in the world. Luis Sal has been silent on social media for a while, and it is clear that if the situation is not clarified, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Luis Sal will only get thicker.



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