M. Pokora Kids Ready for Big Debut! Christina Milian Excited.


M. Pokora’s Big Concert in Paris

The date Saturday 10th June 2023 will remain forever engraved in the memory of M. Pokora’s two young sons. On that day, Isaiah and Kenna will attend their very first concert: the big concert that M. Pokora will give in the La Défense Arena de Nanterre, located right next to Paris. This is the largest concert hall in Europe, given that it can accommodate up to 25,000 spectators. “This is the biggest concert of my career,” the French musician revealed during an interview with the Parisien earlier in the day.

Christina Milian’s Excitement

On her part, Christina Milian seemed particularly excited about taking her children to their father’s concert in France. This is at least what her message implied a few hours before the event on her Instagram account. “The night before the start of Matt’s Epicentre tour in Paris. So we got together with family and friends to spend energy and overcome jet lag in one of the many beautiful parks in Paris. We feel blessed and grateful. It’s gonna be great tonight! Can’t wait to share this epic moment with you! “, she wrote, while sharing several pictures and videos of her walk in the parks of the French capital.

M. Pokora’s Thoughts on His Children’s Presence

M. Pokora also talked about his children’s presence at his big concert in the Parisien columns. “Isaiah is 3 and a half and he will understand exactly what my job is. He knows that I sing, but he has only seen me on video. Now he will hear people screaming,” said the French singer. However, Christina Milian’s husband has no intention of bringing his children on stage for the occasion. “It scares me, I don’t want people to comment on what they are. And it will be my children who will choose when they want to be put forward. I’m trying to have as normal a life as possible,” M. Pokora pointed out. To recall, Matthieu Tota, by his real name, has been living with Christina Milian since 2017.


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