Maddalena Corvaglia for Alexander Viani: “you hear Me, in the darkest moment of my life”

Going smooth the relationship between Maddalena Corvaglia and Alessandro Viani. The showgirl wanted to share with the fans this happy moment from the point of view of the sentimental. So, he posted on his profile on Instagram a few shots with her boyfriend. Then he turned to Viani, a romantic dedication.

The dedication of Maddalena Corvaglia Alessandro Viani

Alessandro Viani is the owner of a real estate agency in milan. It is an old friend of Maddalena Corvaglia. The love has blossomed only in the last year. The showgirl has always been reluctant to flaunt romance on social. For Alexander, however, wanted to make an exception to the rule and has dedicated some of the verses of the song ‘Sei nell’anima’ by Gianna Nannini:

“I don’t like sviolinate, the phrases smielate, the auto celebration, and the parade. A little have you learned to know me. But when in a bad dark time of life you will meet a nice person who knows how to wait, to understand, support, and endure…that’s where that part of the base: ‘you’re in my soul, in this space, helpless. It all starts with you, we don’t need a reason, we are flesh and breath…’”.

Alessandro Viani is the other half of the apple

With Alessandro Viani, Maddalena Corvaglia has found the other half of the apple. In an interview last summer at the weekly ‘Today’, the showgirl has revealed that the man with her sweetness has failed to make inroads in the heart of Jamie, the daughter Magdalene took from the ex-husband Stef Burns:

“Alexander is a man you can count on always, generous and reliable, born to be a dad. And even though Jamie is a father he has – and none of him wants to take away – Ale loves her as if she were daughter of his. For me, this was a condition: I could never be with a man that I had loved both.”

I don’t like sviolinate , the phrases smielate, the auto celebration, and the parade. A little have you learned to know me. But when in a sad moment, and the darkness of life , you meet a person who knows how to understand, to love, to wait, to support and bear it … you can only thank heaven . It’s easy to be surrounded with love when you are strong and you are able to give to others. But when the soul dries up, the leaves fall, and remains only true love. A bit like the snow, no??? ( for puglia….) ‘ If sape ca allu squaiare de la nive …’ 😜 @aleviani .❤️❤️❤️You are in my soul In this space unprotected, it all Starts with you don’t need because We are flesh and breath…”🎶❤️❤️❤️

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