Maeva Ghennam: Voulant se Refaire Opérer Prochainement après Dégoût de Son Visage.


Maeva Ghennam Gets a New Nose

A few weeks ago, Maeva Ghennam was very happy to get a new nose! Unfortunately, the star of the Marseillais quickly became disillusioned when she discovered her scar and, above all, when she realized that her plumped lips were responsible for her degradation. Too heavy, they had even managed to open her up. On her social networks, Maeva Ghennam then appeared in tears after having had an emergency appointment with her doctor.

Maeva Ghennam’s Discretion and Fear of Scarring

Since then, the beautiful brunette seems to be following her doctor’s good advice and is much more discreet on social networks in order to rest her scar. She did take the floor again a few days ago following a controversy that erupted during her birthday. But her efforts to not talk were not enough as Maeva Ghennam has just revealed on Snapchat that she has to go back to the operating table. Indeed, no longer tolerating her scar and fearing its reopening, the ex-Greg Yega wants to remedy it as soon as possible.

Maeva Ghennam’s Worries and Struggles

“It’s horrible, I have to have surgery again,” she commented on a picture of her zoomed face where the scar under her nose is clearly visible. Maeva Ghennam also qualified it as “disgusting”. “My scar disgusts me, it hurts too much,” she added, decidedly at her worst. Lately, Maeva Ghennam has been going through a lot. To the point that she had ended up worrying her community with a message. “I can’t take it anymore, I can’t hold on psychologically and physically. There are too many things happening at the same time in my life. I still had psychological strength, that’s what kept me going, but now I don’t have it anymore. It’s become too heavy for me psychologically. And now, physically. You know I’m a very strong person, but there’s everything happening to me at the same time, I can’t take it anymore, really. I don’t have the morale and I don’t have the strength to pretend, to act like everything is fine in my life when it’s not. I have to tell you the truth,” she wrote.


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