Magic Johnson : the basketball player involved in a drugs-related coronavirus


In the United States, an individual was arrested while he was trying to sell the fake drugs meant to treat people affected by the coronavirus. The suspect claims that the legend of basketball’s Magic Johnson is involved in this scam.

For several weeks, the research to develop a vaccine and a treatment effective against the coronavirus as they are launched. A debate has especially erupted around the chloroquine, a drug that might come to the end of the COVID-19 according to professor Didier Raoult. While scientists are trying to find a solution as quickly as possible, some benefit from the health crisis to enrich themselves illegally.

In the United States, a certain Keith Lawrence Middlebrook marketed fake pills, claiming that these could heal the COVID-19. He also claimed to have filed a patent application for this medicine dummy, which is supposed to prevent contracting the virus. Arrested by the FBI on Wednesday, 25 march 2020, the suspect provides the basketball player, Magic Johnson is involved in this dark affair, as revealed by the american website TMZ.

Magic Johnson responds to the authorities

Keith Lawrence Middlebrook has been flushed during a meeting with a potential investor, who was none other than an FBI agent. The alleged scammer has assured a source other than the legend of the Lakers, aged 60 years, was part of the board of directors of his company, called Quantum Prevention CV. The suspect promised returns of up to $ 300 million for investments of a million in his company. He faces up to 20 years in prison if he is convicted. In the Face of the authorities, Magic Johnson has denied any link with the alleged scammer.


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