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Maite Galdeano Cancer Medication Thanks to Sofía Suescun

Maite Galdeano’s Difficult Health Moment

Maite Galdeano has been going through a difficult health moment, due to her cancer, and it has been aggravated by the scarcity of a certain medication in Spain. It is about hydrea, which serves to treat polycythemia vera, the rare type of blood cancer that she has suffered for years and for which she suffers body pains. Fortunately, her daughter, Sofía Suescun, was able to reserve the medication in several pharmacies with the information that her fans had provided or the boxes that they had sent directly to their home.

Sofía Suescun Asks for Help

A few days ago, Sofía set off all the alarms on her social networks asking for help to find it. In fact, she even had to run back from a trip she was making with her partner, Kiko Jiménez, due to the worsening health of her mother. “He tried an alternative to hydrea and it went very bad. It is vital. There are no alternatives. We need hydrea anyway. Please, whoever can help me, let me know,” Sofía asked, adding that, if she does not take it, “she can suffer a thrombus, stroke and even death due to the cancer she suffers”.

Maite Galdeano is Feeling Better

Now, weeks later, it seems that Maite has managed to return to normal, since they have stockpiled several boxes that will allow her to treat herself for several months. The former contestant of ‘Nightmare in Paradise 2’ has reappeared in her networks enjoying the sun and the good weather from her daughter’s pool. Maite had not given any signs through her social networks for a long time and it was yesterday when she showed a delicious dish that she was going to eat in the wonderful garden of Sofía. Maite Galdeano, enjoying a good dish in the sunshine and in front of the pool. With views of the water, the incredible influencer’s house and the clear sky, Maite enjoyed a good poke salad. It seems that she is feeling much better.



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