Make-up and hair: strategies anti-hot and anti-sweat

Effect of panda lying in wait, and the hair is like a broom, the fold that is taking a vacation, and call it summer! Yet the star does not seem to be affected by the syndrome of the summer against. J Lo is proof of that, hair blowing in the wind, look natural and amazing. What will he do?

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In summer beauty routine is required, the work increases, due to scorching temperatures. And if the hair dryer and the plate you have them earmarked as well as a beautiful makeup that masks any imperfections, this is not the case to throw in the towel completely.

The solution is to make a change to your daily habits to cope with the small dilemmas beauty in the summer.

Faces shiny and panda? No thanks. Powder, matting, texture, impalpable, that will help create the coveted effect mat. But even the newest version of the spray, matting some to represent a good solution to curb the unwanted effects of the temperatures.

Dry, arid, frizzy, lifeless? you just have to choose the most suitable product and pay some attentions to the square. The formula must be nutrients and moisturizers to be applied before, during dips in the sea, sunbathing, walks in the city, workout in the gym or sitting on the couch. No drying with hair-dryer and straighteners, embrace natural attitude, the one prevailing during the lockdown, it will be a gift that you will wing your head of hair at the end of the summer will remain as soft as silk.

Opt for the products by the texture of the lighter and impalpable, those in the gel are the most suitable in this period, or even formulas high absorption, and don’t miss thethermal water spray. To keep in your bag for a breath of freshness and hydration to the snapshot and use without thrift.

Hair that tend to fade and lose tone and volume ? The ubiquitous shampoo and conditioner specific, with SPF, by formulations enriched with ingredients and components, hydration and protection are a must in the sun and then in summer, use shampoos and masks colored to prolong the effect of the dye.

You WANT TO SMOOTH during the SUMMER season?
The plate and the high temperatures are not a combination made in heaven. But to continue to show off the usual hair-style spaghetti, there is a trick: a little bit of dry shampoo on the roots to absorb that drop of sweat on the skin, which would make vain all your work. Try it to believe it.