Makeup pop: inspiration from the fashion shows to make-up the summer sign

From the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2020 directly into our clutches of the trick. The trend couture speaks clearly, and is seen even better: the colors that fill your wardrobe of the season’s most hot are the loads, in all the senses. The brand, in fact, have proposed, as never before, the outfits in shades borrowed directly from the rainbow, at times neon-style highlighter. Why have fun with the color strong during one of the happier times of the year is always a diktat (also in the summer of Covid, indeed now more).


Summer evenings by the pool, al fresco brunch and the happy hour at sunset on the shore of the sea require not only a great look impact and effort to zero, but also a make-up accordingly. But beware: the trend for neon all-over that has raged in the feed Instagram until a short time ago, is now too much. Today, ok to color crackling, but the mood is more minimalist. The actress and activist Rowand Blanchard, for example, the tip on the color on put it just in the corner of the eye.

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How is it then, to give the makeup summer a twist vibrant, without overdoing it? “Who is attracted by the bright colours it has available a variety of creative possibilities to be able to adopt,” explains Rossano De Cesaris, makeup artist of the celeb, and author of the Manual of professional make-up. “To achieve shades, soft-edged and muffled, applies the color in a full on the entire mobile eyelid, blending upward and outward, as well as lying inside the waterline and along the lower rim of the eyes (blending obviously towards the bottom). If you opt for a creamy texture, the finish will be glossy, giving the look a fresh feel and great sensuality. If, instead, prefers the definition, the shades colored can be used to draw a line of eyeliner along the lash line top, replacing the classic black”.


“In both cases, the ideal is to use a tone that highlights the color of the eyes creating a contrast of color”, continues De Cesaris. So, what are the shades top to turn the look? “The turquoise and green are perfect to bring out the irises chestnut on women with fair skin, while the yellow is perfect on brown eyes if you have hair and skin to be dark, especially if the complexion is olive). For green eyes or blue, are particularly indicated by the orange (on the incarnate beige) or bright pink (skin pink)”.

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Instead, a straight makeup for the summer the wow effect immediate? “You use two different colors of eyeshadow, one for the upper eyelid and the other for the lower one (the combo winning is the fuchsia/green). The mouth, however, should remain in absolute the second floor, leaving the leading role of the gaze, in order to avoid a “full make-up, this season more than ever, it is excessive,” advises the expert, who concludes:”Better make up your lips by opting for a transparent gloss (to give volume and three-dimensionality), or a lipstick, bare and delicate. The only exception to this is when the shocking pink or the orange are applied on the lips, and situations in which it applies the rule to the contrary, creating an eye makeup easy and natural, with just the mascara”

In the gallery all the colour inspo makeup from the s/s fashion shows And 2020, and the cosmetics pop essential take everywhere in the holiday. To turn on with the style of a summer that, wherever you go, it will be unforgettable.