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Makoke loves new boyfriend: “More in love than ever”

Makoke is Living Her Sweetest Moment

Makoke is living her sweetest moment. She herself confessed this Saturday, when she was asked about the images that came to light a few days ago and in which she appeared very caramelized with a mysterious man. Witnesses said they not only did not care that they were seen, but also that “it seemed that she loved us watching her”. And now, far from wanting to hide her romance, the collaborator has admitted that she is going through one of her best moments thanks to him.

Makoke is Embarrassed to Talk About Her New Love

Despite how open the ex-wife of Kiko Matamoros has always been, this time she confessed that she was embarrassed to talk about her new love. “It’s one of the first times I’m nervous … I have to admit that I’m very in love, I’m like a teenager, I didn’t expect this to happen to me,” she began. “I arrived on the 22nd to record the program and on the 23rd I was at a friend’s birthday. I met him there. I didn’t want anything. Since I met him we haven’t stopped being together. I’m in love like never before and very happy. I think he is very much in love. It’s all very nice,” she said.

Makoke is Proud of Her Feelings

Makoke reacted to the images of the catch with her boyfriend and said “Since I separated, in these five years, whenever I was with someone I said I was getting to know someone, but with him I know it’s not a summer love, this is different,” she clarified. The TV star also gave some personal details about him: “he’s my same age, one year younger than me, his name is Gonzalo and he’s very handsome. He doesn’t belong to this world or want to belong, he already knows my daughter and she is delighted to see me so happy,” she said, although she also said that her son Javier Tudela has not yet been able to meet him. She has emphasized that she does not want to talk too much about him because “I don’t want to commercialize this. We have to put a name to what it is. I want to protect him a lot. I have to recognize what I feel, I’m proud of my feelings”.



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