Malú Rivera y Albert: Normal Couple, Happy Together


Rumors of Separation Denied

For some time now, and despite the discretion of the couple, rumors of a separation between Albert Rivera and Malú had been circulating. However, it seems that there is no separation for the moment, as the couple’s own entourage explained to the newspaper El Español that the singer and the former leader of Ciudadanos are still together, and that “they are fed up” with the effort that many seem to have to separate them.

Social Media Presence

This rumor gained more strength a few months ago, when it was known that Malú was not following Albert on social media. What is the explanation for this? That she has never followed him, explain from the aforementioned medium. “If their relationship had to be based on love postings on social networks, they would have broken up the day after they started. They are a normal couple, with their things, but there is nothing to worry about,” they explain.

Discretion and Privacy

From the beginning of their relationship, hermeticism has been a maxim that has surrounded Malú and Albert Rivera. They have always carried it with great discretion, speaking of each other in public only on rare occasions. They also keep everything related to their daughter, Lucía, who is about to turn three and has become the queen of the house, behind closed doors.


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