Maneskin Damiano kisses Martina Taglienti – why Victoria De Angelis is involved?


The Gossip of the Moment

Translated: ended loves, stolen kisses, broken friendships. It’s all in the love story that has now come to an end between the frontman of the rock band and the influencer. Not even the time to officially announce the break-up between the two, and this has already become the gossip of the moment. Which now revolves around the other great protagonist of the story: Martina Taglienti.

The New Supposed Flame of the Singer?

According to the first rumors, she would be the girl kissed by Damiano in a club. The images of their passionate kiss have circulated on the web. And now everyone is wondering: who is the new supposed flame of the singer? And, above all, is she behind the end of the love story with Giorgia Soleri?

The Confirmation?

Let’s start from the beginning. Born in 2001, Martina Taglienti is the rising star of fashion. It seems, in fact, to be one of the young promises. But, above all, it seems to be a close friend of Victoria De Angelis, the female member of Maneskin. On social networks, in fact, photos circulate in which Martina Taglienti appears in the company of Damiano and Vic. Is she the new flame of the singer? Is a new couple being born in the world of the star system? At the moment there are no official confirmations and these are just suppositions. On one thing, however, Damiano David was clear: it was not a betrayal to Giorgia Soleri. When he kissed another woman, he and his now ex had separated for days. Yet there is one detail that speaks volumes about the identity of the woman in question. Could it really be Martina Taglienti? The confirmation? The unfollow between Victoria De Angelis and Giorgia Soleri. The two girls no longer follow each other on social media. That there was no good blood between them had been rumored for some time. And the rumors became more insistent in January, after Damiano’s birthday, to which the great absent was Victoria. But now the social distance between the two could tell something more than a simple antipathy. Did the two women separate (even via social media) because something was beginning between Vic’s friend and Giorgia’s then partner?


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