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Måneskin Singolo: Damiano Nudo for New Song Presentation

The Success of Måneskin

Clothing is optional, lollipops are mandatory. This is how Damiano David, wearing nothing but what was necessary, presented the new single of the band. An international rockstar presentation, the current status of the Måneskin, seen from the sold-out fall tour from Paris to Tokyo, from Sydney to Buenos Aires.

Honey (Are U Coming?)

And so now comes Honey (Are U Coming?), their new single, just a few months after the release of the album RUSH!, which has already collected more than a billion streams on Spotify. This is the track they played at the Gasometer in Rome and will present live at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12th, in which they participate in the Best Rock category. Honey (Are U Coming?) is the story of two people who decide to leave behind every sadness. “It is an invitation to join a new adventure without actually knowing what awaits them and enjoy the journey“. A journey that for Måneskin starts in Germany, on Sunday, September 3rd, with the first date of the tour.

Damiano David’s Trademark

As is now tradition, every new presentation starts with few clothes. Damiano often posts pictures with his tattoos on display and something to cover the necessary. This time he chose a lollipop, then also used for Victoria’s nipples, fresh from a two-day stint with Duran Duran as a bassist (but some think it’s just a ploy to relaunch the band). Damiano David challenges social media and propriety with his nude posts on Instagram with consequent polemics. Not that he gets on stage with many more clothes or even shoots videos with a suit and tie. Now it’s a trademark. The success of Måneskin is also here.



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