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Manon Marsault Transformation: Nouvelle Look Non Prévue

Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

Like many of her reality TV friends, Manon Marsault is a big fan of cosmetic surgery. A few days ago, the mother of Tiago (born in May 2018) and Angelina (born in September 2020) decided to go under the knife again. Even more rare: her husband Julien Tanti also had surgery. In fact, it was he who went first, an operation that was planned unlike his wife who decided at the last moment. Today back home after several days in the hospital, the lovebirds have taken over their respective Snapchat accounts to explain the situation. Lying in bed and struggling to shower, Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault are having trouble getting back to a normal life. Because they both underwent liposuction of the stomach this May 2023.

Manon Marsault Reveals the Nature of the Unexpected Operation

From her bed, the mother of the family confided. “It’s been 4 days since you’ve seen me lying down, in PLS, here I just passed a big step since I took my first shower! Fortunately there is a super nice nurse who comes every morning. She washed my hair, it feels so good and now I just did 1h30 of lymphatic massage!”, she first explained. Finally, the young woman eventually revealed the nature of this unexpected operation: “Well I’m going to tell you, I had cosmetic surgery, as you can guess. It was not necessarily planned. I hadn’t thought of it and it came to me overnight. In fact, it was Julien who had decided to do something and I decided at the last minute. But it was a complex I had for a long time…”, she confided.

Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault Recovering at Home

In Julien Tanti’s stories, the lovers are both wearing flesh-colored girdles. “As you can see, we have girdles and pads. We removed all the belly, the bottom and the top of the back. I did a 360. (…) I was at a stage where I couldn’t do it anymore … I had accumulated an enormous belly!”, he explained on camera. Although he had been thinking about it for years, the father of the family had never crossed the line of surgery out of fear of the operation. A few days ago, during his trip to Italy, he had not hesitated to post a photo of his stomach on social media … Present in bed next to her husband, Manon Marsault wanted to specify that she had not had the same operation as him since the surgeon did not touch her back. Nevertheless, the lovebirds still have to rest for several days before regaining their full form and energy. We wish them a good recovery!



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