Manu Sanchez, Manuel Carrasco Cancer: Emotional Message During Treatment


A Tribute to Manu Sanchez

Manu Sanchez, who announced on May 30th that he suffers from testicular cancer, wanted to thank Manuel Carrasco for his beautiful gesture of dedicating two songs to him in his concert in Seville. Very grateful for this tribute from his great friend, he expressed himself through his social networks with a beautiful and meaningful message of affection and pleasure.

Manu Sanchez’s Special Moment

Manu Sanchez lived one of his most beautiful and special moments during the concert in which he began his tour in Seville: “Thank you for remembering me on one of the biggest days of your career and your life! Starting tour, breaking records and fulfilling dreams”, he began his speech on social networks. Manuel Carrasco was inspired by the words that Manu Sanchez pronounced when he communicated his illness: “I have science, medicine, hope, strength, friends, family and luck … I have a lot of luck to have everything I have. A perfect life that has only just begun”. For this reason, the artist decided to perform his song “Soy afortunado”, a great moment of the concert that, without a doubt, all attendees recorded in their memories and mobiles to spread it on their social networks. How exciting!

Manu Sanchez’s Gratitude

Manu Sanchez was so moved in that moment that he did not want to miss the opportunity to thank him and answer this great tribute on his social networks: “You are great, very very great, FRIEND. Of course I am lucky, because the greatest treasures I have not bought … like your friendship, your affection and your generosity“, he wrote. Manu Sanchez concluded the message thanking all the expressions of support and affection he has received during these days with a hopeful phrase: “I can’t stop crying with happiness and emotion when I hear you pronounce my name and feel the roar of the entire Estadio de la Cartuja making me feel invincible. Thank you to each of the voices of that roar, which will always echo in my heart, my mind and my soul!”.


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