Manu Sanchez, show cancelled due to chemotherapy effects.


Manu Sánchez’s Temporary Withdrawal

These have not been the best days for Manu Sánchez. The Andalusian comedian revealed just one week ago that he had been diagnosed with cancer and, as a result, was temporarily withdrawing and leaving his program in good hands.

Cancellation of Monologue Show

Just a few hours ago, Manu announced that, unfortunately, he could not do his show: “Everything was ready on my team’s part, but not me,” the humorist related on his social networks. “I swear I have tried everything. Until the last minute I have taken medication to avoid the nausea caused by the cisplatin that is curing me, but that makes it impossible for me to speak without vomiting. I wish everything were different and I hope to see you soon. I will try again tomorrow. Forgive me … from the heart, no one more eager than me. I swear it,” Manu wrote on his networks.

Unprecedented Wave of Affection

The news of his illness has caused an unprecedented wave of affection both on the networks and outside of them. This publication has been filled with messages of strength, but days before, Manuel Carrasco also had a beautiful detail with him at one of his concerts. There is no doubt that Manu Sánchez is well supplied with two things: positive attitude, and the great affection of everyone.


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