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Manuel Carrasco: Heartwarming Gesture for Manu Sánchez with Cancer

Manuel Carrasco’s Emotional Dedication

Manuel Carrasco moved his followers once again during one of his concerts in Seville. The singer dedicated one of his most emotional songs to his friend, Manu Sánchez, who on May 30th announced on Canal Sur’s ‘La tarde aquí y ahora’ that he was suffering from testicular cancer. Since then, many people have supported him through messages and social media comments.

The Power of Gratitude

He transmitted an honest message to his followers, and admitted that although he felt scared, he also felt grateful. For him, the most important thing was that “I have science, medicine, hope, strength, friends, family and luck… I am very lucky to have everything that I have. A perfect life that has only just begun“. His words inspired Manuel Carrasco, who took advantage of his concert on Saturday, June 3rd to dedicate ‘Soy Afortunado’ to him, a song in which he reflects on those things we have and often don’t appreciate. “That I’m not poor because I don’t have money, it doesn’t matter, I’m lucky because the greatest treasures I have I haven’t bought“, he sings.

Sharing the Moment

The singer’s followers did not hesitate to share videos of the moment on social networks and tagged some of them to Lorena Sánchez, Manu’s wife. Although the comedian revealed that he had cancer at the end of May, the reality is that he had known it for more than a month: he received the diagnosis on April 19th, two days before welcoming his second daughter with the nutritionist. Lorena Sánchez, Manu’s wife, shared a video of the moment (Instagram) Lorena Sánchez has not separated from her husband for a single moment and made it clear in an Instagram story where she shared the article Manu wrote about the cancer he suffers from. “Without a doubt, you are my luck and I’m not letting you go. More than ever, we are one!” she wrote.



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