Manuel Valls: Marrying a wealthy heiress after breaking up with a politician.


Manuel Valls and Olivia Grégoire’s relationship

On August 13th, 2023, Manuel Valls celebrated his 61st birthday. This is an opportunity to look back on the private life of this politician who has marked the lives of the French, having been appointed Prime Minister under François Hollande. Although he was not able to take the lead of the Barcelona city hall, the one who became Minister of the Interior now has a very fulfilling love life. Married to Susana Gallardo, Manuel Valls managed to find stability in his personal life. “She helps me even though she has her own occupations”, he said in an interview. But before uniting with his beloved, Manuel Valls was in a relationship with a politician who has been in the spotlight for a few months. Indeed, for a short period of time, the former Prime Minister was dating Olivia Grégoire.

The separation between Manuel Valls and Olivia Grégoire

Between the two lovebirds, the relationship began in 2018. But the separation was inevitable. Manuel Valls soon met his rich heiress from the Spanish pharmaceutical company Almirall. Olivia Grégoire will let go of a small confidence about this relationship with Manuel Valls: “I had not anticipated the violence of the media exposure“, she said to an interview. Since then, each one has gone his own way. Manuel Valls remarried. He had already married Nathalie Soulié, the mother of his four children (Benjamin, born in 1991, Ugo, born in 1993, and the twins Alice and Joachim, born in 1999), then Anne Gravoin.

Olivia Grégoire’s professional and private life

For Olivia Grégoire, love bears a name: Philippe Aubry with whom she had a daughter, at the age of 43. The current Minister Delegate in charge of Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade, Crafts and Tourism is very fulfilled in her professional and private life. Especially by becoming a mother late. “It was the goal of my life, me who lost my loved ones so quickly. I have a great husband [Philippe Aubry, special effects specialist who worked on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban or The Artist, ed.] and a daughter I had at 43″, she told an interview.


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