Mara Venier back on foot after the accident: “floor Plan ” groundhog”

A gradual but glorious return to normality for Mara Venier, finally walk a little more than a month since the accident in the home. The presenter of ‘Sunday’ has shared with followers the joy of the long-awaited recovery in the physical showing in a video the moment, supported by trusted orthopedic Giovanni Di Giacomo, brings to the ground the foot is the injured person, and long held the first in plaster and then stuck with a guardian.

“Today, after 32 days, Dr. Giovanni DI Giacomo puts me in the foot ……cheers! slowly I start again,” he wrote aunt Mara accompanying short video in which cheers for the nice goal after a month and two days of immobility, however, has not prevented her from bring to an end an extraordinary season of the tv program of Rai Uno, which ended on the 28th of June. For now it is only a step, but the doctor assures that in about ten days aunt Mara will be able to walk again: “Thanks to the coolest of all orthopedic surgeons,” read the post commented on by enthusiastic fans for the course of an accident occorsole in the house before starting the direct-On Sunday last, may 31.

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Today, after 32 days, the @dottorgiovannidigiacomo puts me in the foot ……evvivaaaaaaaa👏👏👏👏floor plan again…..thanks…….the most cool of all orthopedic surgeons ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @dottorgiovannidigiacomo ##concordiahospital#giovannidigiacomo #graziegiovannitivoglionene

A post shared by Mara Venier (@mara_venier) date: 30 Jun 2020 at 8:39 PDT

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Mara Venier closes with a bang: the record for the most recent episode of ‘Sunday’

Seen the extraordinary success which in his hands has reached Sunday, Mara Venier remains confermatissima for next season, which will begin to develop already in the next few days. “I had thought to redo the front, as in my first editions – revealed – I don’t have clear ideas yet, even if one thing I’ve understood: the format I am.” And with these results, it is impossible to blame her.“