Marc Lavoine married : who is Simon, her son, 34-year-old born of his first union ?

Marc Lavoine is father to four children : Simon, Yasmine, Roman and Milo. Simon was born of his first marriage with Denise Pascale. The opportunity to discover who is the eldest son of a singer !

Marc Lavoine



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For at least two years, Marc Lavoine no longer hides his love for the novelist and one-Line Papin. In an interview with Nice-Matin, the singer was held to celebrate their history. “It is the most beautiful light that life has given me with my children. I was in the dark for 10-15 years… There, I see the colors. I’m happy with that. So why hide it ?”, he said. Saturday, July 25, Marc Lavoine and Line Papin were officially married at the city hall of the Vth district of Paris. A third marriage to Marc Lavoine, who was married to Denise Pascale at the beginning of the 1980s, and then Sarah Poniatowski on may 26, 1995.

If the coach of The Voice has had three children of this second union : Yasmine in 1998, a Novel in 2007, and Milo in 2010, the executor of Eyes Revolver had already experienced the joys of fatherhood when his first marriage. Simon Lavoine, his first son, is born in the month of march 1986. Unfortunately, his mom, Denise Pascale, died in December 2017 as the result of cancer. In The Voice Saturday, February 12, 2020, Marc Lavoine had brought his son with modesty. “Me, I have a son who is 33 years old, who has our colours to the two of us. And he listens to the music you play. His mother listened to also. I love the music that you make and this is the music I listen to,” he started, addressing a talent.

Marc Lavoine, “not ready” to become a father

Has an opportunity for an interview for Psychologies, Marc Lavoine was a little bit more said about his eldest son. “He is a man of metis, which has two identities, and for whom the separation of his parents has no doubt been complicated to live. I would not say that he has accounts to settle, but… And then, I became a father while I had just met success with Her eyes revolver… I wasn’t ready”, pointed out this dad of four children. Information on Simon Lavoine are therefore very scarce, but, according to his Linkedin profile, he worked as a press officer and has been working for several years in the music industry, as a producer. A passion that is certainly passed on by her father.