Marco Mengoni, the love? “Do not contemplate stakes, the choice between a man or a woman”

Happy to be a part of a generation that is”open”, although struggling with many difficulties, Marco Mengoni , is today a thirty-year-fixed, and aware of what is around him. The singer told the weekly Seven – insert of the Corriere della Sera – even if his private life has the mouth sewn.

“Here we have the best of those who have preceded,” he explained, my generation is more open in every sense and I’m sorry that the people who govern us are not open to the nature. I am a 30-year-old old, but also beyond, light years ahead. Are open to everything, I’ll be the last to be naive but I don’t see barriers and boundaries, for me the Earth is not none”.

No limit, especially love: “do Not contemplate pillars and walls, I am not aware of skin tones, or the choice to love a man or a woman. But my private life is mine, if you like to feel my joy, my pain, you feel my discs. I want to live this life the best it can be, unfortunately we, for thirty years, I, too, have difficulties to live it, with this time that runs too fast”.

Jealous of his private life, Mengoni the social takes them with the pliers: “my private life on social I’m not going to go, if it’s private I’m not going to put in the middle of people which have nothing to do with my fame. I do this job, and I need to be shot in the square, but I don’t want my loved ones to be slaughtered. I want to protect the plants, imagine the people that are next to each other”.