Mareva Galanter : why she refused to invite her relatives in Stars in the nude

Unlike most celebrities who have participated in Stars in the nude, Mareva Galanter did not invite any of his relatives to the recording of the show at the Lido. A decision that she has explained this 7 February.

After the men, it is the turn of the women to undress for the good cause. This Friday, February 7, TF1 broadcasts the second number of Stars in the nude, the show in which celebrities lose their sheets to raise awareness of the viewers at the screening for cancer. Among the participants, including Mareva Galanter, who feels very concerned with this difficult topic : “I lost members of my family due to cancers that have not been taken on time,” she says in the TV Mag. One of my relatives is gone in six months because there was nothing more to do, hence the importance of screening which has taken on a meaning of infinity for me… ” She is so attached to the seven other women who have agreed to participate in the program and do a strip-tease on the stage of the Lido. But unlike his comrades, Mareva Galanter did not come in person during the registration.

Mareva Galanter refused to invite his relatives

On the set of Stars naked, celebrities are naked in front of 1 200 people gathered in the room of the Lido. Some of them had taken seats for friends and family members. Fanny Leeb, for example, has been able to count on the support of his father Michel Leeb. But Mareva Galanter has not sent invitations. If his companion Arthur was probably in the vicinity, as a producer of the show, the star didn’t want to produce under the gaze of others : “I only invited person, it is a choice. Some have invited twenty or thirty people. Me, I would have stressed more, ” she explains to TV Mag. However, I will say to my family and my friends to watch the show. “That will be broadcast on television forces us, sometimes blurred.